Cliff Donoho and Amy Grant

Cliff Donoho and Amy Grant, originally uploaded by CalPastor.

Cliff met Amy Grant this morning at the local radio station. He was being interviewed as part of the station's 'Church of the Week' promotion and Amy stopped by to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the stations DJ's. That's pretty cool!

I'm now on a mission to top this...

Cliff The Encourager!

SushiHere I am craving clam chowder! Depressed that I have to wait until tomorrow! Concerned that Kathy may find out about my chowder delivery and intercept it. Then out of the blue, Cliff Donoho sends me this picture in a text message...What a guy! It's nice to have guys like this around to keep us encouraged. :P

It looks to me like about 10 pieces of sushi is missing from this platter...I wonder if he ate all 10 himself.

Cliff "Wild Hog" Donoho

Cliff "Wild Hog" Donoho, originally uploaded by CalPastor.

I just got back from picking up Cliff Donoho from the Sacramento Airport. We stopped in Stockton on the way back to American Canyon and picked up a sweet ride for Cliff. Pastor Matt Upton loaned a huge Yamaha to Cliff for this weekend's Master's Men Motorcycle Run to California Christian College.

Question...Do real bikers where white socks and penny loafers?

Cliff will be speaking at Harvest on Thursday and Friday night this week!