Tyler Perry Rocks!

Kathy and I had a date night tonight and thoroughly enjoyed Tyler Perry's newest movie, "Why Did I Get Married?". Awesome! We would give this movies two thumbs up. Way up! We laughed like crazy, cryed a little, and marveled at the powerful message he was able to deliver in this movie.

Mixing Things Up...Movie Review?


Disclaimer: Keep in mind when you read this post that I am still suffering from a head cold and under the influence of cold medicine. I cannot be held responsible for the following movie review.

Please, somebody help me! We sat down to watch a DVD today. A classic I'm told. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I just don't have any class. Maybe I lack sophistication? Have I just not been exposed to fine art? Am I hopeless? Please, somebody tell me you feel the same way!

I bought The Phantom of The Opera several months ago and finally, out of boredom, decided to watch it today! Wow! Am I missing something? This was probably the most boring, annoying, agonizing time I've ever spent in front of a television. Is it just the movie? Is the play better?

Being a dude, I just kept thinking, "How could I fix this movie?".  I think the opera was what I hated most about the movie. Maybe  get rid of the opera? Then it would just be The Phantom. That might be cool. Phantom-boy's costume was pretty cool until he started singing like a girl. I did kind of like the song, The Music of The Night. I'll probably deny it if askGenesolo2ed though.

Maybe we could turn this movie into a rock opera, have Gene Simmons from KISS be the  phantom guy. He would look cool with his KISS makeup on. Heavy metal music! Screaming fans, driving drums, killer guitar riffs! That might help. I don't really like rap music, but maybe a rap version of The Phantom would help me appreciate both rap music and The Phantom.

Up_gilmore_i I love a good comedy? Adam Sandler as The Phantom. I love it! Drew Barrymore (anything with Drew is worth watching) could play the role of Christine. Bob Barker could do a cameo role, get into a fight with Sandler, ala Happy Gilmore (now that's a good movie). I don't know, it just needs to be fixed!

Then it hit me! It needs two masks! I think the only way to fix t00354170his flick is to bring in Jason. Friday The 13th: The Final Opera. We all love a good scary movie now and then. Man, this just might work. Have Jason chase these opera people around backstage. Have the music start, but no singer to sing...a little suspense music to keep you on the edge of your seat, then BAM! Dead body falls from the balcony.

Never mind! I'll just find another movie to watch. Why mess with a classic? Gotta go!

It's A Wonderful Life

Itsawonderfullifedvdcover Someone asked me what John Maxwell wrote that made me want to watch It's A Wonderful Life. I thought I would share that article with you...

Ranking among the greatest Christmas movie classics, It’s a Wonderful Life tells a beautiful story about the priceless value of relationships.

The story follows the life of George Bailey, a man who sacrifices his dreams to travel the world, instead choosing to stay in his hometown and run the family-owned business after the sudden death of his father.

Throughout the movie, George’s humanity draws us into his life. As we watch him grow from a child to a young man, and then to a husband, father, and business owner, we see how George continually places the well-being of others ahead of his own interests. Yet, we can sense his frustration at being pent up in a small town, working long hours, earning a modest salary, and living in an old, renovated house.

When life’s circumstances push George’s business to the brink of bankruptcy, his frustrations boil over, and he contemplates taking his own life. At this crucial moment, a guardian angel is sent from heaven to prevent George from committing suicide. Through a series of supernatural events, the angel convinces George of the beauty of his life—even with his present troubles. With a renewed sense of gratefulness, George goes back to his home.

Upon his return, George’s family and friends rally around him in an overwhelming outpouring of support and generosity. In a show of goodwill, they take up a collection and donate it to George. With his business secure and his financial situation saved, George uncovers a note left by his guardian angel:

Remember George: no man is a failure who has friends.

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