Multi-Talented Pastors

Mike_and_carrie_2One of the things I have learned in the ministry is that you need to develop all sorts of talents. A church planter sometimes has to pick up odd jobs here and there. I have sold furniture, drove a school bus, laid  tile, and worked in real estate, among other things. You just never know where you might see your pastor moonlighting.

For the record, I think this photo of me with Carrie Underwood beats CLIFF'S

I Need A Nap

Exhausted_2I hate it when things don't work right. I hate it more when I find out it was my fault. I'm working with some new software and it's beating me down. I will prevail though!

It's Monday and I'm recovering from the weekend. We actually had a great weekend at Harvest. Our attendance was up, we had several visitors, and people responded to the message in both morning services. I can't go into detail but God did some really BIG stuff this weekend. I'm very humbled that He chose to use me.

I have decided to hang my Real Estate License at Gateway Realty in Fairfield, Ca. This is almost like going home for me, I started selling real estate there almost 8 years ago. Very nice people, great reputation, awesome opportunity.  I'm looking forward to being a part of this team.

Up next...I'm getting ready to do a brake job on my truck. It's amazing all the skills you accumulate as a pastor. :)

Monday Makes A Comeback

R36211fpYesterday ended well! I went to our Pastor's Book Fellowship last night and had a great time of fellowship. I am impressed with the quality men God has called to the churches in our association. We are reading Thom Rainer's book Breakout Churches and then discussing the chapters together. I really think you get more out of a book when you can sit down and talk about it with a few friends.

Then I got home and Kathy had made Chicken Nuggets that were out of this world! When the world beats you up it's great to go home to a wonderful wife (and chicken)!

Help! I'm Stuck In A Country Song!

MicrosuedewesternbootLet's see...My dog ate the left ear piece on my Ipod, I got a parking ticket for not being centered between the hash-marks on the street, Fry's Electronics gave me a hard time trying to use a gift certificate to replace my Ipod headset, I had a Nigerian scammer try to steal a camera I'm selling on eBay and as a result I lost all the real bidders, this day just keeps getting better.