He Stills The Waves
My Soul Thirsts For You, Lord

A Soldier's Princess

Trimble-Bakersfield National Cemetery--15

I have made it a custom to take my camera out on Memorial Day weekend each year and try to capture a photograph that speaks to the real meaning of Memorial Day. This year I visited Bakersfield National Cemetery and was moved. Many of us will never understand as well as others what the true cost of freedom is. 

This lovely young lady had just posed for pictures with her daddy at his headstone. As her family was leaving she politely asked her mother, "Can I spend a little more time with daddy?". My eyes welled up in tears as I watched her spend a few moments there before returning to a park bench and waiting patiently while her mother went and spent a few moments at the same headstone.

Abraham Lincoln once said "“A nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”

Trimble-Bakersfield National Cemetery-2 Trimble-Bakersfield National Cemetery-1623