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You Could Learn A Lot From A Baseball Fan


Whether you're into baseball or not, you could learn a lot from a baseball fan. I know I did...

Michaela and I caught our first Fresno Grizzlies baseball game this week and had a blast. Since moving to the Central Valley we have been suffering serious withdrawals from AT&T Park and the San Francisco Giants, so this game was just what we needed. It was a great experience! Wonderful ballpark! It was great to see a few familiar players from the Giants and some great future prospects. We left Grizzly Fans.

I purchased our tickets from a total stranger on the internet but by the end of the game we had some wonderful new friends. Patrick and his daughter Taylor met us at the front gate with smiles, handshakes, and introductions. They proceeded to tell us all about the Grizzlies and the stadium. They are BIG fans and it was apparent by how well they spoke of their team. They had nothing but good things to say about the sport, the team, and the stadium.

They walked with us to our seats, showing us where everything was, including when and where to get player's autographs. Taylor took Kayla down to the edge of the Grizzlies dugout and introduced her to all of the players and coaches, "This is my friend Michaela, tonight is her first game". During the game Patrick stopped by our seats to ask how we were enjoying the game and talked about maybe catching another game together soon. He followed that by a text message from his seat "I got a game ball for Michaela" and he delivered it a few minutes later. Wow! After the final out Patrick stopped by to thank us for coming and wish us a safe trip home. I was thankful for the tickets and hospitality, but here he was thanking us for being there.

We had a great experience due to Patrick and his daughter Taylor being so warm and friendly, we both mentioned on the way home that it was like we had known them forever, and such great ambassadors for the Grizzlies. They don't get paid to be ambassadors, it's not an official job or anything, they're just fans! And now we are too!

So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!” 2 Corinthians 5:20

I have been thinking all day about what a great example Patrick and Taylor should be to us as Christians. What if we were warm and friendly with people that cross our paths? What if we were so excited about the Lord and His church that we couldn't stop telling others about how great our God is and how wonderful our churches are? What if we met strangers at the front doors with smiles, handshakes, and introductions? What if we showed them around our churches making sure they were comfortable? What if we introduced them to all of our friends in the church? What if we were concerned about others and went out of our way to make sure they were alright? What if we gave them gifts for no apparent reason? What if we invited them back to enjoy another church service together? What if we thanked them for joining us on Sunday?

Maybe...They would become fans too!

Have a great weekend! Sunday's just around the corner! Let's play two!