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in The Beginning

The first three words in the Bible are so powerful. They are not your typical, "Once upon a time". The first three words of Scripture, "In the beginning", are from a Hebrew word that could be translated as "choice" or "firstfruits". We can gather from this that creation is God's gift to himself - the "choice", the "firstfruits" of his divine activity.

Ken Hemphill, in his book 'Making Change', shares three truths from this opening phrase of God's Word.

"In the begining" means there is more to come. In God's declaration of the beging it is understood that He will direct what the "more" will be.

"In the beginning" also anticipates it's ultimate end. Isaiah 46:9-11

"In the beginning" means that the creator is also the owner. Everything was created by and for him.

Three simple words. They hold such significant truth about how we relate both to God and his created order.


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