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No Sturgeon For The Preacher!

Mimeattachment Steve Charrette landed this awesome Sturgeon in Vallejo this past week. I was a little upset that the preacher didn't get any steaks until I learned that he had actually had to release this fish for being over-sized. WOW! Can you imagine throwing a fish back because it's too big? I guess that would be a good measure of character for a fisherman. GREAT JOB STEVE!

Father's Day BBQ and Pie Auction

35826379_105d5939ad June 15th is Father's Day! What a great day! This year we will be having a BBQ and Pie Auction at the Huddleston Ranch in Fairfield, Ca. Russ and Mary have enough room for sack races, horse shoes, volley ball, and just about any other outdoor fun we can come up with.

BBQ is provided by the church and we're asking each family to bring a side dish or two to share along with whatever sodas and waters you want. This is looking to be our best Father's Day adventure ever here at Harvest. I'll have maps and directions available at the church this week.

The Pie Auction is a fund raiser to send kids to camp this year at Cazadero. Bring along a pie or two to put up for auction. We'll auction all the pies off and then share with each other. Don't forget, it's for a great cause! Camp is such a great place for young people to get closer to God and we want to make sure that any young person who wants to go to camp this year can.

Memorial Day Cycling

Monkey_logo_2Memorial Day was awesome here in the bay area. Cloud cover most of the morning kept it nice and cool. I did a 33 mile ride from American Canyon around Napa and back. I just put a new saddle on my bike so it was a little uncomfortable by the end of the ride.

I have been spinning at the gym and so it was very nice to get out on the road for a change. Tackled some hills with ease that used to wipe me out. It's nice to put yourself to the test and see the progress you are making.

I was thinking last night that some of the difficulties we face in life are like the hills I climbed yesterday. They are difficult, but they are a great way to measure our progress. How did we handle these difficulties a year ago? (James 1:2-4)

California Free Will Baptist State Meeting

Today, I'm in Fresno for our Free Will Baptist State Meeting. This is probably one of my least favorite things to do in ministry. I love to see old friends and hear what God is doing in different parts of California but I hate the way meetings can change from being about God's work to being about little men wanting to feel bigger.

I don't think there is any higher calling in the church than that of pastor. Unfortunately, we are really good at creating man made positions within the denomination that are appealing enough to draw men away from pastoring. I'll never understand that. In my view, anything other than pastoring a local church would be a downgrade.

We must organize and work together to accomplish more. We just can't forget that any organization, board, committee, or position that we create only exists to support local churches in their mission to reach the world for Christ. When we turn things upside down though and begin to see local churches as existing to support the denomination then we're heading in the wrong direction. The church must never pass her responsibilities off on anyone or any thing.

Forgive my ramblings. Just my thoughts this morning. Take them or leave them.

I'll get back to one of my favorite parts of ministry tomorrow when I step behind my pulpit at Harvest in the morning and then Vacaville in the evening. Life is good when you get to love and lead such wonderful people. After the meeting last night, I noticed a missed a call from one of our new families in Vacaville. It was late so I hurried and called them back to make sure they were all well and was so blessed when they explained that they were just praying for me and Kathy and wanted to make sure we were alright. :) I am so blessed to have families like that!

I'm off to grab my double-tall-nonfat-latte and read for a while before our business meeting begins at 8:30 this morning...

Steven Curtis Chapman Family

Stevencurtischapmanmaria08 I went to bed last night praying for Steven Curtis Chapman's family. The Chapman's five year old daughter has gone to be with the Lord after a terrible accident at their Tennessee home. Steven's Web Site has a press release regarding the tragedy. There is a link there to a memorial page set up for Maria Chapman.

There are things you pray never happen to you and you slowly begin to feel like they just never happen to anyone, or at least anyone you know. But they do. While our faith comforts us with wonderful assurance, our hearts still ache. Our hearts ache for the Chapman family as they deal with this tremendous loss.

Here is an Recent Interview with Steven on Fox News Radio about a song he wrote to remind himself how precious his time with his daughters is.

Say A Prayer For Katie Rose

2506368098_1204abccdfMy friend, photographer Harold Davis, and his wife have a new addition to their beautiful family. Katie Rose was born at 24.5 weeks, weighing in at just under two pounds, and she is just as lovely as she is small. Please keep her in your prayers!

Harold is sharing her progress on his Photoblog. In a recent email he closed by simply saying, "Every day is a victory". I love that! Thanks for saying it Harold! We'd all do well to look at life that way. Every day is a victory.

LIfe Is Rough

Intelligent Design, originally uploaded by CalPastor.

Can you imagine having to walk past these hideous things every morning to get to your office? What dedication! As difficult as it is, I still go to the office every day.

Ladies Night Out and MAN NIGHT ~ It's Time!

It's Back! Man Night and Ladies Night return in May with a vengeance. We've had a blast at the last few Men's and Women's ministry events here at Harvest and this month will be no exception. Don't miss it!
LADIES NIGHT OUT will be Monday May 12th in the Fellowship Hall at Harvest. Here's the deal. Each lady should bring a boxed supper. Make it special, pretty, interesting, thoughtful, but most of all...tasty! Each box will be assigned a number and then the ladies will draw numbers to see which box goes where. Sue MacGill will be our guest speaker for the evening. Sue is a great speaker from our sister church in El Sobrante, CA. and will bless your heart. Bring a guest to dinner with you, just make sure to make an extra boxed supper so that there will be enough to go around! There will be a secret vote for "Boxed Supper Champion" that evening with the winning lady receiving a gift certificate for dinner out at a local restaurant.

Bwlogo4b_small MAN NIGHT: EAT THE HEAT is Saturday, May 17th! We'll be meeting at the church at 6:00 p.m. and carpooling to Habanero Hots Mexican Restaurant in Lodi, Ca. If you're brave enough to EAT THE HEAT you can score a free t-shirt that evening. We'll have a time of prayer and testimony following dinner before heading home. Invite a friend to come along and get to know the guys. Teen boys 16 and up are invited to participate in the evening's festivities. This will be an awesome evening!