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Two Of My Many Blessings

Valentine Shirt Contest, originally uploaded by CalPastor.

I often remind our church of the old hymn "Count Your Blessings" and among my many blessing are Noah and Robert, our two youngest students at American Canyon Christian Academy. These two guys are crazy! There is no possible way to get bored with these two always finding ways to make each day an adventure.

Sometimes we get so busy and stressed with all that needs to be done that we forget what a blessing it is to be able to invest in the lives of others!

Lisa Myer, Noah's Mom, did an awesome job this past week with our student's Valentine's Day party! THANK YOU LISA!

This week we're having an overnight homework club that will include 2 - Home Ec Projects, 5 - Science Projects, 3 Dozen - Krispy Kreme Donuts, 2 - Math Games, and some serious Guitar Hero action! Thursday night will be a blast!


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