Thanks Dr. Phil! ~ I Don't Feel So Bad Now!
Surround Yourself With The Right People

Monday ~ Good Stuff

Holdingpeacebyhowe Monday gets a bum rap sometimes! Just about everyone hates Mondays. The truth is Mondays are generally pretty tough on pastors. Sundays can just drain you and then Monday comes along just being itself and we just take everything out on poor Monday. I want to go on record and give Monday a High-Five today! Great job Monday!

This past week someone I have respected through the years chose to handle conflict with the most childish and fleshly rhetoric, and I was just sure Monday would come along and kick me while I was down, but it didn't. Monday actually encouraged me and strengthened my faith. I actually had someone drop by the church to practice forgiveness and reconciliation. This week is now looking pretty good!

The Word of God has all of the answers that we are looking for. It's all there, we just have to choose to practice what we read. Today, God was honored.


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