Christmas Caroling

Every Woman Should Know

AngelouColor.jpgI read a great poem tonight by Maya Angelou. One line reads...

"Every Woman Should Know...That her childhood may not have been perfect...But it's over".

That is such a simple yet profound line. As a pastor, I run across people all the time that are hung up on their past. Some just hold on to past hurts and allow these to continue to cause them pain. Some set out to get even with those who let them down while growing up, but only succeed in making a mess of their own lives. Others simply blame their mistakes on anyone and anything they can.

One of my favorite scripture verses is Ephesians 4:26. My version, "Be Angry, Be Christlike, Get Over It, Move On". Too many people get stuck on the 'Be Angry' part. These people are miserable and tend to make everyone around them miserable. If you are angry about your past, get over it. Move on! It's over. Don't let your past mess up your today. Don't let your today be something you regret tomorrow.


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