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Having Done All To Stand, Stand!

I'm Rolling Again!

753316355_9dd086fd67 I am back on the Bike this week and it feels good! It seems like everything in the universe has conspired over the past few months to keep me away from my bicycle. Tonight I just decided to put everything on hold for 30 minutes and do a quick 7 mile ride. I feel great now, let's see how the morning goes though.

I may start a poll here on the blog to help me decide what color bike shorts to purchase. JUST KIDDING! I would never inflict that kind of visual torture on the people of American Canyon.

I have been following Governor Mike Huckabee's Presidential campaign and I'm very impressed with this guy! He's a retired Southern Baptist pastor. He's not shy about what he believes. He's pro-life. And today I discovered that he has lost over 100 lbs in the last year or so. I'm impressed and inspired. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!


Scott Corey

Way to go! I'm behind you 100%...

You'll be so glad you're doing this, especially this time of year when stress is high and holiday food is abundant!

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