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Fullness of Joy

Pop!Joy is one of the keywords of the Christmas season but it should be a keyword in the believers life at all times. I spoke from Psalm 16:11 last Sunday and if nobody got anything out of my talk at least I did. I'm still thinking about the idea that fullness of joy can be found in God's presence.

The presence of God is a very special place. Adam and Eve enjoyed being in the presence of God while they were in the garden (Genesis 3:8). Moses took off his sandals and entered God's presence when God spoke to him from the burning bush (Exodus 3:4-6). Isaiah was in the Lord's presence when God called him to speak to his generation (Isaiah 6:1-6). The scripture says that Enoch walked with God. The accounts of men being in the presence of God are always exciting.

How do we move into the presence of God? How do we find that place where we can experience 'fullness of joy'? I'm convinced that God would like for us all to be found in His presence more than we are. God wants His children to experience 'fullness of joy'. God is indeed omnipresent, but the idea of being in his presence in Psalms is more of an intentional intimate encounter with God.

The most obvious place to find ourselves in the presence of God is God's House (Psalm 27:4). There are times when we are down and discouraged and don't feel like going to church, but we go anyway and when we leave we rejoice and are glad that we took the time to go to the House of God.

A second place where believers can find themselves in the presence of God is in thankfulness. The scripture tells us to enter into God's presence with thanksgiving in our hearts (Psalm 100:4).

A third place where the believer can place themselves in the presence of God is when we are with other believers (Matthew 18:20). I can enjoy spending time with all sorts of people but there is something about being with my brothers and sisters in Christ that brings me into the presence of God and helps me to experience true joy.

Find time this week to spend intentional intimate time in the presence of God. It is there that you will experience fullness of joy!

God Bless!


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