An Old Friend (Simple)
Team Shelby Sunday

Good To Go!

DSC_0015a, originally uploaded by Magic Pic.

I am still excited about all that God is doing here at Harvest! Just a couple weeks ago Jim Lessley brought his dad to church. This was not an easy task for several reasons. One, It's NFL Season. Two, his dad is 80+ years old. Three, our facilities are not really wheelchair friendly.

Jim could have gave in to the temptation to stay home and watch the 49ers with his dad, but said the Holy Spirit made it clear that he needed to bring his dad to church. Jim obeyed, and his 80+ year old dad gave his life to Christ that morning! Do you know how rare it is for seniors to give their lives to Christ? God performed a miracle that morning!

Jim and his dad were in church together again today for "Team Shelby" Sunday. I just loved this photo and thought I would share it with you all! Jim and his dad are both "Good to go" now! That is what it's all about! That's why we do what we do!


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