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Do You Know Where You're Going To?

I've had the song 'Do You Know Where You're Going To?' by Diana Ross stuck in my head for over a week now. I love music, so a lot of times a song will pop in my head while I'm thinking, studying, or even preaching. I'm very burdened right now for young couples at Harvest. We are starting a Couple's Class this Sunday evening to help strengthen marriages and families. This song presents a very thought provoking question?  A Question that young couples should be asking themselves and answering.

Do you know where you're going to?

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Where are you going to?

Do you know?

We should carefully examine the path we are on and determine where this path will lead us? If our marriages are not healthy now, and we don't do anything to change the course we are on, where will it lead us to eventually? Good marriages don't just happen. They are the result of a couple working to improve their relationship and making constant adjustments along the way to ensure their continued success. So the question is, 'Do you know where you're going to?'.

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