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Staying Focused

Our focus at Harvest this year is threefold: EVANGELISM, EQUIPPING, and EXCELLENCE. ThereFriendly20reminder202_2  are so many THINGS that could easily distract us from this focus but we are determined! I was thinking this evening about what we are doing in these areas.

  • Excellence: We are almost finished with a remodel of our fellowship hall and it really screams excellence. We have started cleaning and painting to new classrooms that will be used for our children's ministries on Sundays and Thursdays. Our Facilities Committee is busy prioritizing projects that will move us toward becoming a Five-Star Church.
  • Equipping: MAN NIGHT was awesome this month! Jim and Helen McAllister from Harmony Church in Fresno spoke on "Why Church Growth Is Important" and it was amazing. We have a great Teacher's Meeting planned for February 28th and will be attending Dr. Stan Toler's Teaching to Influence Lives seminar in Fresno in March.
  • Evangelism: Our youth workers have been extremely busy with craft days and babysitting nights for parents in an effort to reach more children and young families with the Gospel. I'm starting a new sermon series in March on Winning Our World. We are asking God to give us 100 souls this year at Harvest. Evangelism is what it's all about!

I want to challenge all of our members here at Harvest to remind yourself daily of these three areas of focus. EVANGELISM, EQUIPPING, and EXCELLENCE. What are you doing to address these areas in your personal life? Start with the EVANGELISM focus and invite somebody to church this week!


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