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California Free Will Baptist Men's Retreat

Photography Day

2007_sf_photowalk_002I had a great time walking around yesterday with renowned San Francisco photographer Thomas Hawk. I learned so much from just watching him shoot. He was very friendly and relaxed. I'm sure I asked a thousand questions during our time together.

This church clock tower overlooked an old red-light district in China Town. Powerful message for the city even today! I also saw a beautiful Chinese Baptist Church that had a 'Do Not Enter' 'One Way' street sign right in front of their door. If I was the pastor I think I would have a collection of those signs sitting in my garage at home. :)

I'm really looking forward to our Annual Men's Retreat this weekend. Cliff Donoho, from Nashville, is our speaker for the retreat. This guy is one of the 'funnest' preachers to listen to. He always delivers a powerful message.


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