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Working Together

Cb001941 "But whatever happens to me, you must live in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ, as citizens of heaven. Then, whether I come and see you again or only hear about you, I will know that you are standing side by side, fighting together for the Good News." Philippians 1:27

A watch is an amazing piece of engineering! So many different sized gears working together to accomplish the watches' purpose, keeping and displaying time. If one gear fails to do it's part in the process, the watch fails to accomplish what it was designed to do, but when all of it's parts are working together the watch is consistent and accurate.

The Church, like the watch, has a purpose for which it was created. The church is made up of many different members and when these members are all doing their part, working together, the church is able to accomplish it's purpose. A great church is consistent in it's fulfillment of the great commission and accurate in it's display of the love of Christ. On the other hand, when members of the church refuse to do their part working together with the other members the church is less effective.

There are several areas where members of the church must work together and when they do, the church experiences victory.

  1. Labor - There is always something to do around the church. Our church property is a huge bilboard that displays to the community how we feel about Christ. When all of the members of the church work together the church property conveys to the community that we love the Lord and care about the church.
  2. Finances - When all of the churches' members are working together in the area of giving the church is fully resourced to accomplish it's mission. Curriculum is available for those who teach, materials are available to those who labor around the buildings, funds are there to send missionaries, and the church is effective.
  3. Participation - We are saved by grace! We are also saved for a purpose. God has a purpose for each member of the church. There is so much that can be accomplished when there are available people. Each member is most effective when they can focus their energy into one area rather than trying to do several things.
  4. Evangelism - Each one of the churches' members has a part in the responsibility of reaching men, women, boys, and girls with the Good News! We all have a responsibilty to share Christ with everyone we meet. We all must work together to make visitors feel welcome! If we all work together the church can be effective at winning our world for Christ.

I want to see people move into a right relationship with Christ and grow to become fully commited followers of Christ. I believe that there are people all around us who want to have a relationship with Christ and have peace with God! The church can either be a part of God's plan by working together, or it can be a huge road block by refusing to work together. Let's all decide to fulfill Philippians 1:27 and work together for the Faith of the Good News!

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