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Davidheadgoliath Today was awesome! One of the highlights of my day was watching, Bambi, one of our newest Christians host a birthday party for her little girl. It is so exciting to see people enjoy the abundant life that Christ has given them.

I continued my series of messages entitled 'The Colors of Christmas'. The first week I spoke on depression, "Avoiding a Blue Christmas" today I spoke about materialism, "Getting The Green Out Of Christmas", and next week I will speak on keeping romance in marriage, "How To Have A Red Christmas". It's been fun using some unusual Christmas songs with each message, 'Blue Christmas', 'Santa Baby', and who knows what we might hear this Sunday?

I had a blast speaking to our teens tonight. I think I got a little too excited during the message and strained my voice. I spoke about David and Goliath. Teens are facing giants all the time and we have some victorious teens at Harvest. Many of our young people are actively involved in the ministry. 

Three words come to mind when I think of David and his conflict with Goliath.

  1. Interest - David took an interest in what was happening at the front lines of the battle. He took notice of Goliath and his taunting challenge. We need young people who are aware of what is going on around them. Teens that will take an interest in the lives of other teens. Leadership begins by getting interested.
  2. Involvement - David got involved! He could not stand idly by while the enemy ravaged the armies of Israel. We need young people to get involved in reaching out and ministering to young people. It's easy to just go to youth group and not get involved, but when we get involved God uses us to accomplish great things. Giants are defeated when we get involved.
  3. Influence - David was an influencer not influenced. We need young people to step up and be a positive influence to others. John Maxwell once defined leadership as influence. When David defeated Goliath he influenced the entire army of Israel. Soldiers who were previously hiding behind rocks and bushes, shouted and pursued the Philistines.

Well, there you have it! This was my message to Harvest's youth tonight. I had a blast speaking to them. It is exciting to dream about what God will do with these young people in the years to come.


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