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Adults 77 - Teens 7

It's Tough Being A Cowboy

Ladyblog_1Our miniature horse, Outlaw's Lady, decided she wanted to play early this morning. She can be very persuasive (obnoxious) when she wants something, so there I was in the yard, 2:30 in the FREEZING morning , robe, slippers, and cowboy hat. The neighbors probably thought I was drunk, and the drunks probably thought they were REALLY drunk. "Hey look! There's a BIG cowboy with a LITTLE horse." It's tough being a cowboy.

I'm looking forward to Sunday! I will be speaking on "How To Avoid A Blue Christmas". So many people battle depression and the holidays are sometimes the worst time for this. Sundays are very special! Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday and Sundays have been special ever since. Sunday is the first day of the week, a fresh start.

The teens undoubtedly face a bitter defeat tomorrow afternoon as they face off against the adults in Turkey Bowl II. I can hardly wait for the sweet taste of victory. The weather looks good so I don't think the teens will have any excuses not to play.

Men, are you as excited as I am about "MAN NIGHT" coming up soon? We are having an evening of Pizza and Prayer on December 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall. If you have not yet got your hands on the CD I have been passing out, let me know. I'll make sure you have one. The CD contains a message entitled "Man Up!" by Perry Noble. Great message! You can listen to the message online by clicking Here We'll talk about his message on man night.


Scott Hanes

You must have been a sight Tex. I'll have to assume you're the good and the horse is the bad. I'll leave it up the neighbors to figure out who's the ugly.

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