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Nyquil745340_1Are you ready for New Year's Eve? I'm already hitting the bottle. Tonight I will sleep despite a nasty cough and stuffed up nose! Perry Noble calls this stuff the night time, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, wake up naked in the bathtub medicine. I had Kathy hide my car keys and I really don't care where I wake up, I just want to sleep tonight. I hate being sick!

I'm getting excited about January at Harvest! Our sermon series is "A Fresh Start" and will set the pace for the year. We need a Fresh Start, A Fresh Vision, and a Fresh Commitment! Dr. James Scott, Director of Ministries for the Redwood Empire Baptist Association, will be our guest speaker on January 21st. He is always a blessing to be around.

We are working on a special event for Valentine's Day in February. I'll share more details as this comes together. I'm thinking candlelight dinner, flowers, live music, and more. This will be an evening of laughter and romance. I am pumped up about this special event. It will be a blast!

Wow! This NyQuil stuff is already working! I'm starting to drift...My eyes are getting heavy, very heavy. I'm out of here!


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